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3. 평가 (공사중)


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1. 한국어화

공식 한국어화

스팀 페이지에는 한글 미지원이라 적혀 있으나 실제로는 한글 지원

2. 가격 (KRW)

갱신: 9개월 전
원가: ₩ 20,500
세일: -
판매가: ₩ 20,500

6. 게임 소개

6.1 동영상

6.2 소개

In the turn of the millenium, the world of Tahnra is headed for a reckoning. The long and bloody conflict of Veridian Succession left the Empire of Veridia deeply scarred, and its people subject to brutal hardships. Under the reign of Empress Florina, the vicious cycle seemed to be broken... Until the rebellious General Antares abducted her from the capital, raising the flag of rebellion. An expedition is sent to rescue the Empress commanded by a graduate of the Imperial War Academy, an orphan raised to serve Veridia. Little do they know that this routine assignment will shake the very foundations of the world...

Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga is a 2D turn-based strategy game focusing on tactical battles and character bonds in a medieval fantasy setting. You are a newly commissioned army officer who will gather friends and heroes, and lead the troops under their command to victory on the battlefield. Take advantage of terrain and weather, break the enemy’s morale and build up your own, seize strategic resources, and win to expand your faction’s influence.

Then return to camp to prepare for the next battle, research new technology, upgrade troops using dozens of classes, while cultivating relationships with a cast of characters from all over Tahnra. As events unfold and agendas of the warring states unfold, the stakes will become clear: You will determine the fate of the world as an ancient foe threatens to cover it in eternal darkness.

The focus is on grand-scale operations, outwitting and out-planning the opponent, while individual battles are carried out automatically and are thrilling to watch unfold.
  • Maneuver multiple squads of up to 9 troops each across a battlefield and seize the advantage. Grab the high ground to rain withering fire on the enemy, hold bridges to deny the advantage of numbers, shock the enemy with cavalry charges in open terrain, or set up night ambushes in the woods, townscapes, or swamps. Don't ignore weather - a sudden blizzard or heat wave can present an unexpected challenge!
  • Capture towns and resources to bolster your combat efforts. Loot only goes so far to sustain an entire army. Iron, horses, gems, everything goes towards victory.
  • Morale is a major factor! Triumph by breaking the enemy's morale, and building up your own. Build up relationships and bonds so your characters offer each other support. Eliminate enemy squad leaders to shatter their chain of command. A well-supplied, well-led army will prevail, gaining bonuses in direct combat or even making the enemy surrender on sight.

Tactics win engagements. Logistics win wars. Once the dust settles, it's time to collect the wounded, rally the troops, and prepare for another battle in the long march to peace on Tahnra.
  • Assemble squads from over 40 types of units, from tried-and-true heavy infantry and archers, through shock cavalry and medics, to arquebusiers, dragons, and mighty battle mages. Each has a role - and weaknesses that require careful management.
  • Outfit the squads with new equipment and artifacts, spending loot and resources. Nurture conscripts into elite warriors... Or hire mercenaries to instantly boost your army's fighting prowess.
  • Research upgrades following a branching tech tree. Specialize or generalize, unlocking new attacks, unit types, resource modifiers, and counter unit weaknesses to create the right army for the job.

The graduates of the Imperial War Academy were sent to contain a rebellion, but quickly become embroiled in a vicious plot far beyond what they could imagine.
  • Meet friends, heroes, allies, and enemies from the many different factions of the world, such as the nobility, the Temple, pirates and rebels, as more. As your army grows, so too will the characters leading your squads, as they react to the main character and the decisions made by you.
  • Manage relationships that emerge in the army, using a dynamic relationship system. Unlock scores of unique conversations between your heroes and powerful bonuses on the battlefield, as they bond, become friends, lovers, and even family.
  • Step into the middle of a brewing conflict between the impoverished lower classes and the rich upper crust of society, and an ever-widening rift that threatens to topple the Empire.
  • Deal with the personal aspects of conflict, as the violence and intrigue takes its toll on your army. Home Base support conversations reflect the “human” side as relationships between characters grow deeper.
  • Experience a story epic in scope, full of malice, treachery, and politics, as the fragile peace between the powers of Tahnra unravels and an ever greater war looms on the horizon.